The cost of a fire can be devastating and, sadly, over 80% of businesses do not re-open afterwards. Equipment and stock can be damaged beyond repair and documentation destroyed. More importantly, lives can be lost.  Over recent years, fire safety laws have undergone dramatic changes and on 1st October 2006 the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (FSO) came into force.

It applies to all places of work and states that there must be a "responsible person" for fire safety matters in your workplace. You're also require to undertake a comprehensive and unique fire risk assessment, provide adequate staff and fire marshal training, plus have in place sound fire emergency plans and fire safety precautions.
The added risk. Your insurers are unlikely to pay out in the event of a fire if you cannot prove your compliance with the FSO.

Who enforces the legislation? If that isn't enough, your local fire and rescue authority have the power to inspect your premises to check that you are complying with your duties under the FSO. If they are dissatisfied with your approach, they can issue an "Enforcement Notice" that requires you to make certain improvements in a specified period of time or, in extreme cases, a "Prohibition Notice" that restricts the use of all or part of your premises until it is safe.  Plus, fines for breaches of fire safety laws are increasing and there have been some eye-watering penalties issued by the courts.

What can we do? We can evaluate you premises and conduct your fire risk assessment for you as a competent person. Plus, we can train your employees to ensure that they understand and comply with fire safety law. We can also ensure that your fire safety precautions meet the requires legal standard.

We're unique. In addition, JDS HR Ltd has created a unique "Fire File" that fully complies with fire safety legislation. It contains: a comprehensive risk assessment, significant findings sheet (along with examples of how to complete it), a Log Book - with details of what should be tested and when, an Evacuation Procedure and Special Evacuation Procedure, details on how to write your emergency plan, a sample visitor badge, and a "To-do-list". Along with the file comes a one-hour DVD that takes you through the file and explains the risk assessment process in detail.

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